The Tagalong Press

Registered21 Feb 08
ProprietorNils R. Bull Young
AddressPO Box 256
Medway, OH USA 45341

Founded in January 1946 by George Bull Young and Audrey Elizabeth (Schreiber) Young in Amarillo, Texas. We moved to Indiana in the early ’50s and to Ohio in the late ’50s and the printery has gone through many moltings & rebirths over the past 70 years. Today we print things for the pleasure of it.

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The Tagalong Press was founded by my parents, George Bull Young & Audrey Elizabeth Young, in Amarillo, Texas in 1946. Dad evidently wanted to publish a little magazine, and over the first decade and some of Dad’s involvement in printing & publishing, he and Mom managed to produce a handful of editions of two different hobby-oriented journals. Dad was also involved in the American Amateur Press Association and served as mailer for that organization for a short while in the 1950s. Dad joined the Amalgamated Printers’ Association in the early 60s. After my father’s death in 1982 I began the process of resurrecting the press & printery with the result being the collection of old and new type and a handful of cast-iron presses & other accouterments.
… As it was with my parents, the Tagalong Press exists today as a hobby printery with occasional serious moments that have in the past included publishing works of local writers and authors as well as my own poetry and prose. Of late I have taken to printing politically-oriented beer coasters, post cards, QSL cards for ham radio friends & occasional penny dreadfuls of postmodernist science-fiction fantasy prose.
… I am assisted in this venture with the cooperation of my wife, Cindy D. Proctor Young.
… I have relieved my sons of the horror of having to deal with all this when the day of my permanent vacation comes. Dear friends have taken the responsibility for the preservation and continuance of this madness. Them being younger than me, I suspect they’ll have a grand time with it all.