Ink on Heidelberg drum question…

Is anyone familiar with the problem of ink tending to build up toward the right side of the ink drum while thinning out on the left side of the drum. While running a job several days ago, I had to sheet off the right side and keep adding ink to the left side. we did ok, but want to make a correction if possible. I need to add that we weren’t using the fountain, but since then did get the fountain running. it had been quite a few years since using it due to the small jobs. Thanks for any advice.

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You don’t say how much of the roller train your using and if your just using the 2 forms and the drum then that’s pretty wierd, but you may be able to compensate with these adjustments if you use the ink train all the way back to the ductor (no ductor).
The ink train from the drum going back to the well has a rubber roller that is the same as the forms, a oscilator roller, and a chrome rider roller that flips up when not in use. The rider roller has 4 adjustment screws, 2 on each side. In the post about inking on a windmill there is a pic, the 2 post looking things are spring loaded and swing over the rider roller to apply downward presure on the rider roller these are adjustable to balance the presure underneath the rider roller are 2 stop screws (1 each side) that control the presure to the rubber roller and subsequently to the drum. You should be able to adjust these presures to more evenly distribute the ink on the drum.
Hope this helps

I was using the entire roller set up except for the fountain and the ductor.
I do know what screws you are referring to and did use them to help. Just wasn’t sure if that was a problem common to windmills or not. I’ve been running three windmills here for 20 years but never had that problem before. 2 10x15s and 1 13x18. No matter how long you do it, there’s always room to learn something new.
Since then we’ve got the fountains running now and can control it from there. Thanks for the info. Ron