Can anyone tell me about this model of Adana 8x5 ?

Hi all,

A new restoration project has arrived in the post today. When I unpacked the Adana eight-five, I immediately noticed that it was unlike and potentially older many others I have seen photographed online.

The first thing I noticed was the brass makers plate on the side with the serial number D556. The mechanism behind the ink disk, the rollers and carriages all look very different.

I have attached a couple of photos of the press. Can anyone throw some light on the age of this machine and its model type (i.e. Mk 1 or 2 etc. ?).

Any information would be very gratefully received.

Unfortunately my wife does not quite share my interest in this latest aquisition, so if I can prove it has some antique value that would help me out enormously !



image: Adana1.jpg


image: Adana3.jpg


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Hi there, I have just read your post about this adana press. My Adana is identical, I had always wondered why the roller mechanism looked completely different to other pictures that I have seen. I’d be really interested to know whether you found out any more about this printer.

Hi Ian, It’s the second version of the “Eight-Five” and probably dates from around 1955-58. There are no records of Adana serial numbers (they were dumped when the company changed hands), but I know that machine number D753 dates from this period, so yours is about the same age. There’s no apparent pattern to Adana serial numbers; machine G241 (which might logically appear to be later than yours) was supplied with a test print dated October 1953, so there’s always an element of guesswork involved.

Calling it a Mk II “Eight-Five” is probably as good a description as any. The model which followed it (Mk III) has the main body cast as a single piece of metal, and is the most common. Mk IV is the hot foil adaptation of the press.