Jennifer Magee McGovern, director 

Juxtaposition Press

Letterpress printing, editions, artwork, and invitations using experimental techniques. Private printing instruction and classes.

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6 comments about this listing

I’m interested in letterpress classes… What type of press do you instruct on?

Any upcoming classes? What kind of rates for the tutors?

Updated. Good Evening,

Where can I locate details on classes offered at Juxtaposition Press?


I would like to receive instruction on letterpress printing. Can you provide information on any classes offered? Thanks.

Just bought a Kelsey 5x7 and need some help. Is this something you could help with. If so what are your rates or do you have any classes coming up?

I have a small stationery company and I’m looking to do a letterpress wedding line. I’m looking for a studio that could help with the letterpress end of things. Looking for someone possible in or close to Philadelphia.