One single “t” - can you help?

I recently found that I am exactly one, measly, single lower case “t” short for something I want to print. Yes, I could set it in a different face, but this is the one I want. It works well for the context.

Does anyone have 18 point Studio (not bold) and have a “t” they could loan or rent out? I’d pay for shipping, I’d send cookies, I’d do a lot for this “t”.

Alternatively, if someone has Studio in a hot-type matrix (if that’s the correct way to refer to it), I could send you the shortest line with a “t” in it and have you send me a slug for that. Again, payment is yours to demand.

Here’s hoping someone out there has a lonely “t” for me,

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I have 18 pt. Studio and would be willing to loan you a “t.” Give me an address.

John Horn

Selene, I don’t have an 18pt Studio T, but if I did I’d certainly be sending it your way. There is nothing worse than having one’s creativity and passion stymied by something that would otherwise be insignificant. If it is the only thing that will make your page complete, even a single T can assume all manner of importance. Things like that have been known to drive folks into obsession.

Your request has an almost poetic ring to it….

Her page was complete, except for one T.
And so she pleaded “…just one T for me?”

I searched all my galleys for just such a letter,
and found her an Uncial… but not anything better.

(Well Hhhhmmm…. There are Cowboy Poets out there. It only stands to reason that there should be Printer Poets too. Unfortunately, I think we’ve discovered that I’m not one!)