Kelsey 5x8 model U bolts

I am trying to take apart my Kelsey 5x8 model U press in attempts to maybe paint it. I was wondering if anybody new how to take these bolts (?) out to disassemble the press?

Attached is a picture below, the bolts are like this on both sides.

image: letterpress.jpg


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Those are not actually bolts…. they are pins. The retainers on the ends are pressed on, and hold by spring tension. Removal of them is rather simple. You take a big screw driver and pry them off. If you don’t have enough room to get a screwdriver in there, you can tap the pin with a mallet. BUT you might be wise to obtain replacement retainers before you do since removal can damage them. Luckily, replacements are not hard to come by. I found some at my local Mega-Hardware/Home Building store not long ago.

Thank you, I will give it a shot. Do you by any chance know the size of them?

Also do you or anybody know of the name brand of paint that will work well on these?