C & P old style pin-striping

I am rebuilding a very old, old style and upon steaming off a coat of battle ship gray paint I discovered the original black finish with a white or cream pinstripe. Needless to say I could not salvage the finish and am in the process of repainting but I am not sure of the exact pin striping scheme. Does anybody have a pic they can post that shows the location and extent of the pin striping? For that matter what was the original color of the pin striping?

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Here are two links. The first is one I found when I was looking for information on redoing my press. The second is my press on my Flickr site. You can also find photos of Old Style C&Ps in the ATF and BB&S Type catalogs from around 1909-1920s. Much is available on the web if you look.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/314636655/

thanks, your press is beautiful. One question though, is the base color black or blue? when I was stripping away the hundred years of ink and grease I saw what looked like alkalide blue wash away but i thought it was a component of the black paint. Is the press really a very dark , almost midnight blue?

If you read the comments of the first post, about half way through, you will get an analysis of the paint and learn that after a filler to smooth out rough spots, a coat of ultramarine blue was applied, then black. I tried mixing the blue and black together when I repainted mine. It certainly made it darker but wasn’t quite the same as the original.