Metal Helvetica letters

I am looking to get some metal Helvetica letterpress letters in varying weights at about an inch plus in height if possible. I actually would rather these to be in Helvetica Neue but I doubt that’s possible…

I would like these to all be lowercase.
I want 1 x ‘e’ and 1 x ‘w’ in Helvetica Ultra Light
I want 1 x ‘r’, 1 x ‘a’ and 1 x ‘e’ in Helvetiva Light
I want 2 x ‘u’, 1 x ‘p’, 1 x ‘c’, 1 x ‘n’, 1 x ‘a’, 2 x ‘t’, 1 x ‘e’ in Helvetica Medium

Please could anyone with information on where I may be able to get these, or actual sellers let me know as soon as possible.

Many thanks


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