Ed Marquand, publisher 

Marquand Editions | Tieton

Marquand Editions | Tieton is a division of Marquand Books, a highly respected publisher and producer of art books. (marquand.com)

Established in 2006, ME|T produce books for Marquand Books’ clients, artists, collectors, museums, and galleries that combine digital, offset, letterpress, and printmaking techniques with hand bookbinding.

ME|T is part of Mighty Tieton (mightytieton.com), an enterprise created to help revive the economy of a small orchard town in central Washington. We now have a staff of five and plan to expand in the coming years.

We have a print shop with three C&Ps and a magnificent Vandercook. The Book Arts Studio houses our bindery.

Photos of our facilities at flickr.com/photos/ed_tieton

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