Mike Willshire-Jacobs 

Cockleshell Press

I am a letterpress nut - enthusiast - and am prepared to persuade anyone who will listen of the fun one can have printing on old presses. As an ex Officer of the British Printing Society I am happy to help anyone with any problem from beginners on. I have a variety of letterpress machines and also operate a C4 Intertype. Any new printer with problems of any sort is welcome to contact me. In the United Kingdom, users of small Adanas or parlour presses are particularly welcome. Have been printing since 1960 so claim to know a little about letterpress and the problems that can arise and how they can be overcome.

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Hi Mike,

I have last week purchased what looks like a Mk 1 Adana Eight Five desktop press. I intend to restore it back to its former glory over the coming months and need some advice .

The rollers are in a terrible state and need either replacing or recoating. The roller runners at either end of the roller are made of pairs of metal rings (as opposed to the newer plastic versions). There are small grub screws that appear to hold the roller runners on, but these will not budge at all (despite plenty of WD40). Are these runners designed to come off (so allowing the rollers to be replaced), or will I have to find someone to recoat the rollers instead.

Any advice you could give on this would be much appreciated !



hi mike,

can you reccomend where i can get ink (tubes pref) and blocks made from my own design for my 8x5 adana please? i have been told a website called metalic elephant for blocks? - but i dont think theyre mounted for use on letterpress im not sure have to ring them.

thanks, liz