Experienced Letterpress Printer, moving to Portland, OR

Moving to Portland June 7, 2008. Looking for some good letterpress work. BFA, 2005, RISD. Have extensive experience with Heidelberg windmills, Vandercook Universals, SP-15’s and others, and C&P’s. Have also operated Kluges, Heidelberg Cylinder Presses, and a Swiss FAG. I have been teaching letterpress in Atlanta, GA, where I have also been working as a production letterpress printer for a company dealing with corporate and private customers (company identity to wedding invitations.) Knowledgeable with hand-set type, copper and magnesium plates, photo-polymer, production design, and Adobe CS. Most recent project was “Sylvæ,” a 192 page limited edition book, printed entirely from metal type and wood engravings, which won the 2007 Gregynog Letterpress Prize in Oxford, England (see below or midnightpapersales.com). I’m excited about the physical design of letterpress, and would like to continue exploring its possibilities and production. Give a call or e-mail if you know of anything. Many thanks!

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image: Sylvæ Title Spread

Sylvæ Title Spread

image: Cover and Slipcase

Cover and Slipcase

image: Red Cedar Long Grain

Red Cedar Long Grain