Ten Presses and How They Work

The video starts out with a Kelsey press, shows the various parts, putting on the rollers, the tympan paper, gauge pins. Then the 6x9 Sigwalt and 6x9 Golding Official showing some of the same, the similiarities of the two and the differences, a Craftsman Superior and mentioning how it compares to the C&P Pilot, the rare Golding “Map” press, then the #1 Pearl, #3 Pearl and #11 Pearl again showing differences. The Oldstyle Gordon (which may have been made by someone else), the basis of many good presses and finally the 8x12 Chandler & Price newstyle. All along the way comments are made about good and bad points and at the end some comments about similar presses not shown.

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Would like to view the video. Can you place a link to it?