London Letterpress classes


I have recently moved to London from Australia and am wondering if there are any letterpress classes in this city? So far, I have found a course at LCC, but noted it began in Jan. I am also aware of the course Alembic Press offers, though at this stage it is a little far for me to go and I am unable to spare a whole week (nights and weekends are ok). Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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Do a search on the internet for “Harrington & Squires”, two wonderful women, run a letterpress studio in North London using Adanas.

Wow thanks for the tip! It looks great and amazingly is a 10min walk from my house! Thank you!

Does anyone know of classes in the Hampshire area?

Hi Marissa,

I teach the courses at LCC and we are looking to organise one starting in September as they have become so popular.


Hello Rose could pls keep me update on the course coz i’d like to come over from italy to attend the course. Also, what will you cover how long will it last etc etc cheers