The John H. & Thomas W. Conner Museum of Antique Printing

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The Museum was designed and created by Don Hill, Assoicate Director of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts in Seymour, Indiana. The museum houses a Washington iron hand press, a C&P 1875 treadle press, and several pilot presses. A time line of the history of the written and printed word is displayed around the room. The building is designed to fit the 1800’s era. All equipment is workable, pre-electric, and was used locally. We give tours to schools and groups of all ages.

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I recently received Robert Oldham’s book concerning the hand presses. I have sent him pictures and he is reviewing them to identify it. I am a 77 year old retired school teacher and enjoy giving tours of the museum.

I’m still here. Now 83 and still giving tours of the Conner Museum of Antique Printing on the grounds of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts.
I have a few young people coming in on Monday evenings to learn as much about the shop as possible. After all, I have told them I’ll give them 20 more years and I’m out of here. Dave Churchman (known to all) from Indy has given me several items to add to the museum. One which is the six centuries of the Bible. It is a framed display of fragments from six Bible dating back to 1476. My time line around the room starts with cave drawings and goes to stone lithography. I have volunteered here at the Art Center since retiring from teaching in 1991. It has kept me off the streets. Love it.