Theo Rehak & Micah Currier, founder 

The Dale Guild Type Foundry

[Update: The Dale Guild Type Foundry is not operating any more. The equipment is not in the US.—Eds.]

The Dale Guild Type Foundry has been casting type since 1976, the owner having had extensive experience working for the American Type Founders Company. The Guild’s Barth casters can produce 6 point to 24 point sizes; other sizes can be run on 19th century pivotal casters.

The foundry has a complete matrix department capable of cutting matrices for new faces or custom logotypes.

The Dale Guild own or have access to matrices for nearly 2,000 foundry faces both old and new. Book font schemes and collector’s fonts are available.

image: 3995596023_5b293321cf.jpg

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I would like to purchase one or two sets of any Parsons 12 pt with 24 pt extenders you may have left. Please email me if available.
thanks so much.
[email protected] or [email protected]

I was able to find one set of the 12 pt with 24 pt extenders. I love it, so if anyone else has another set they would part with please email me. Thanks.
[email protected] or [email protected]

I am looking for any Parsons Utilities that people may have for sale. I am now obsessed with this typeface and looking for any of the Decorators, Utilities associated with it. Thanks

Hello, I’m looking for a Primrose border in 18 pt. Anyone know where Dale Guild type is still available? Thanks in advance.