What is a fair price for this press please?

I have a press and printed on the side it reads Printasign Duplicator by Reynolds. I would like to sell it. I have searched long hours on-line and can’t find information on this very heavy, large floor model type press. I would like to get your opinion on a fair price. More info in post below. It is time for this press and it’s type to find a happy new home.

Thanks for helping out.

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It is a “sign machine”, of the type once used in department stores for making price cards. It uses real wood or lead type, with slotted bases which align on a system of flat bars which fit into slots in the side of the bed. Good for proofing, posters, and woodblocks. One common manufacturer was the Morgan sign machine company.

They’re actually rather nice - certainly not trash.

I would like to sell this press. May i ask what you think is a fair price? It is located 2 hours east of Seattle if this helps.
Thank you for any advice.

I picked one up for pretty cheap with type last summer. My is called a Showcard press.

What size is the bed? What do you have to go with it? Those factors will also help you determine a fair price.

You would need to find someone that does lino or wood block carving and wants to pull prints.

If I were to guess I would probably say you could get $100 to $300 for it if someone could pull a decent size print off of it.


Thanks for the infomation Cody.
The size of the print bed is 22” x 30”. It has a 1” grid marked on it. I have all the original type to go with it. There are 3 racks of type. The ones you see sitting on top off press in picture above. Those racks are so heavy it takes two people to move them. I also have 4-5 big flat like drawers And a small set of drawers (7) full of type. The type is made of lead, wood and plastic like stuff. I even spotted one made of copper. It ranges in size from 1/4” to 4”. I think there are about 10 to 12 different sizes and styles of type. I spotted lots of flat metal bars and other items. I have more pictures of the type if anyone would like to see it.

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I’ve had several presses of this type recently and sold them in the range of $250 - $300. The type you have is worth far more than the press itself. Check the wood type listings on EBay for some guidance. Many letterpress printers would be thrilled to have this wood type. You might be better off to unload that separately.

Craig Malmrose
Trade Union Press

the wood would surely fetch a nice price by itself. Especially that large. I second what Craig mentioned and look into selling then separately.