Chicago no. 11?

I just acquired what I believe to be as a Chicago no. 11 3”x5” table top press. It’s missing the “grippers” and needs new rollers. Does anyone know the best place to buy these items? This may sound silly, but is “Chicago” the name of the company or does it follow under the Kelsey name. I’m fairly new to the table top presses and added some photo’s. It may need more than the “grippers” and new rollers? I’d greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!

image: DSC00003.JPG


image: DSC00004.JPG


image: DSC00005.JPG


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I’ve never seen that exact press before, but it’s not a Kelsey. I’d guess that Chicago was the name of the manufacturer. It looks like it could use a little cleaning up, but it’s a nice looking little machine.

As far as the grippers go, you are not likely to find the exact parts for sale. Kelsey parts might be adaptable but you may have to do some work on them.

One thing I don’t see in the picture are the “bales” that hold the tympan to the platen. These may have to be made out of stiff wire or flat metal.

Your Chicago press was made by the Sigwalt Manufacturing in Chicago. These presses were sold directly from the manufacturer or through other retail outlets like Sears, Roebuck and Co.
And yes, you’re missing the tympan bales as well. You’re probably going to have to make the missing parts yourself.

Thank you so much for your feedback!

i just got this exact same press last weekend! i’ve been looking for info on it all week, it was pretty exciting to see yours posted here. mine is missing the ink table and the rollers, but does have the tympan bales. let me know if you’re interested in coordinating on things like where to find parts/make your own/etc!

Hey Bager what you have there is a Sigwalt Chicago #11, I just recently purchased a similar press and working on it (cleaning it up for use).The Sigwalt Chicago #10 which comes with 1 roller the #11 comes with 2 rollers(which is pictured -1 roller), the tympan bales can be made as well as the grippers, a buddy of mine made some for his press. My sigwalt is missing the rollers and chase, can you let me know the size of the rollers, the roller trucks and the roller cores if that isn’t much of a bother, Hey I will ask my buddy how he made his tympan bales and I will let you know….

Oh thank God for this site. I just ended up winning a Chicago #10 off ebay… I am terrified and excited at the same time. I hope it is in some sort of working condition, I know it at least needs a new roller and the bed/chase part. I will post some pictures as soon as I get it.

What a great resource! I bought the same press a few weeks ago and am in the process of refurbishing it. I’m looking to refurbish the rollers but am very interested in the construction. They look like they were wrapped with cotton string and coated with rubber. What type of material should I replace the rollers with?

I have the Chicago #11 it was handed down to me by my dad before he passes away. The only thing not working on my is the spring is broken on the little clog that turns the inker wheel. I not sure if the rollers on it now are original or not. I had another set at one time but the dry rotted. I have several trays of type and I may even have another chase for it… When I was a kid my dad showed me how to set the type and we even printed some little cards. If you would like photos or need measurements to make replacement parts let me know and I will send you the info.

Does anyone know how many of these were made?

A picture of mine…

image: Sideview.JPG


Greetings from New Zealand.
What a great resource this thread is !!
I landed a Sigwalt No 11 on our local on-line trading site recently. Like others it is missing parts - namely the ink disk and chase. Apart from one missing truck (19mm) it is complete.
However I’d appreciate guidance on its printing action.

When the platen is fully open should the horizontal bar on its back fit into the handle ‘notch’ ? Mine doesn’t - it hits it on the upper edge and the ‘stub’ on the back of the platen does not touch the ‘button’ on the mainframe by 3/8”
The feed angle is therefore steep.

As a result it appears that the rollers will not descend fully to the bottom of the truck runners.
The topsheet on the press has an impression of a job done in 1943 which perhaps suggests it does work OK.
Really appreciate comment on this aspect and outside/inside dimensions of the chase and its notch.

I just purchased a Chicago No 11 yesterday and am delighted to find so much information about this press little press on this blog. My press appears to be complete, but lacks rollers and roller cores. If anyone of you have the sizes that are needed for this press I would appreciate hearing from you. Plus a great place to have them produced.
Also, what size type is used in this chase?

Can anyone help me with information about my Chicago no 11 AKA Sigwalt No 11? It holds two rollers, but I don’t know how large they should be or how large the core of the roller should be, or where to have them made.
Also, I don’t know if I will need standard size type or be on the hunt for small type.
I would really appreciate any information or comment.

Seems to be quite an explosion of recent Sigwalt owners(myself included)!

check with NA Graphics, he might carry rollers, as far as type goes you should be able to use standard type. Good Luck Dick G.

there is guy selling rollers on ebay for sigwalts

I have a Challenge Proof Press, style 1528KA, No. 1929 made by The Challenge Mach’y Co., Grand Haven, Michigan and I want to sell it. It’s in excellent condition. It has industrial lock down wheels for easy moving.
Not sure what these sorts of presses are going for. Anyone have some suggestions?