Letterpress for a beginner

I live in Bermuda and I design stationary and wedding invitations. Currently there is nobody on the island that offers letterpressing and I would like to start offering this service. Is somebody able to let me know what would be the best letter press to purchase for a beginner and where I can find this for sale along with a basic overview on how to operate it. I am home based so I was thinking something that can fit on a desktop might be suitable perhaps?

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Did you ever get a press? I’m a letterpress printer and graphic designer moving to Bermuda in early 2014 and I’d love meet up! Feel free to email me at six22press [@] yahoo.com

Hello, Lemery,

Did you finally get your printing press now? If yes, may I know what is your choice for your starter printing? I want to buy one too!

I’m in Taiwan and I design stationary (especially in wedding) too.