Production Date for my Old Style C&P 10x15

I have an old style C&P 10x15. I located the serial number (#3083) on the press bed. Can any one tell me how old it is?

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I have found my answer thanks to Google. Green Dolphin Press ( has a great reprint of the serial numbers for Old Style presses from the APA. I found out that my press was built in 1893. The amazing thing is that is still prints perfectly. The ink jet I bought two years ago doesn’t even work. There’s something to be said for quality. durability, and craftsmanship of the C&P’s.

Thanks for the heads-up on where to look for the serial number. I found that there is a .PDF with all the Chandler and Price manufacturer dates/serials for all of their products here:

My serial number is 055870 - which according to their records was approximately number #212 off the line in 1917! It’s a new-style press, but still has a very old age!! Also, if these numbers are correct, they were able to make over 1,450 presses during that year. 0_o Interestingly, the year-over-year production numbers look like they fluctuate pretty wildly between 1-200 and 1200-1500 and that’s just for 10x15 New Style.