Submit your craziest press-moving story for Flurry (win a press and a t-shirt).

Flurry ( — a new online journal about letterpress printers) needs you. In particular, Flurry needs your press moving stories. And not just that time when you hired riggers and everything went really smoothly. Post a comment on Boxcar’s blog ( briefly summarizing what crazy things your love for letterpress has caused you to do with really heavy machinery (or, if you’re shy, email us: [email protected]). How far were you willing to go for your cast iron beauty? Madness, adrenaline, photos, reenactments, and adventure are all encouraged. We’ll contact our favorite riggers-in-training and help develop their stories for Flurry. The best story will win the right of first refusal for Boxcar Press’s *free* 2-ton Miehle Vertical press, as well as a Boxcar letterpress t-shirt ( featuring your choice of press (Vandercook; Windmill; C&P; or Sigwalt). And we’ll feature the best stories in an upcoming article on Flurry. Post your summary by August 15.

image: miehle-250.jpg


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