Dating some wood and metal-on-wood cuts…

I have a small collection of gorgeous cuts that I love and treasure, and would like to know if there are any features, markings etc that would give me a clue to the ages of the cuts.

Some, are solid wood. The designs seem too deep and intricate to have been done entirely by hand, but then again crafters were quite skilled… (Cut1) Some of them are the metal plate tack-nailed to the wood(magnesium? lead alloy?), and some others are a hardwood veneer over a softer(cheaper?) wood(cut2). One, is a thick metal “veneer” on a wood base, and quite heavier than the rest(cut4). Some have a number stamped (cut3) on the sides but i’m not sure of the significance other than a catalog number?

Anyone have any resources I might employ in trying to date or identify these?

image: cut1.JPG


image: cut1close.JPG


image: cut2.JPG


image: cut2peel.JPG


image: cut3.JPG


image: cut3stamp.JPG


image: cut4.JPG


image: cut4metal.JPG


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