John Horn 

Shooting Star Press

An extensive private collection consisting of over 250 presses, many of which are small platen presses (amateur, table-top, or toy presses) and many larger platen presses. Also in the collection are five iron hand presses (Hoe, Cincinnati, Albion, Columbian, and Shniedewend), and a full-size replica of an early Ramage press. In addition, the collection includes about 1500 fonts of metal type (mostly twentieth century), and about 150 fonts of wood type. Hours: “Open to anyone with proper advance notice.”

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What is the type font that you used for the poster included in the calendar that said,”The Second part of the history of the world and the arts begins with the invention of printing.”


I would love to visit with you and see your collection. I own a small letterpress shop in Charleston, SC but will be in Little Rock on Nov 9 - 13. Please let me know if I can make the trip to see you and your impressive collection. 843-437-8312