Fritz Klinke, owner 

Flat Earth Press

Informal, working letterpress exhibit located in the back of two offset shops across the street from each other. Combined shops include a 10 by 15 platen Heidelberg, two 10 by 15 Chandler and Price presses, one 8 by 12 Gordon O.S, a Vandercook SP-20 proof press, one Hoe flatbed cylinder press (1830), two Linotype presses (31 & 8), one 12 by 18 Little Giant cylinder press, one Ludlow, two Monotype Material Makers, one sorts caster, two Monotype 15 by 15 casters, and 600+ cases of wood and metal type. Hours: “We are more than happy to give fellow printers the ‘grand tour’as time permits.”

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