What to do with used Copper Plates

My family recently came across 2 large copper plates used by one of our artist family members for etching prints in the late 80’s. We are not sure what to do with them or if we need to keep them for artist value. They have been struck, so you cannot print the same image from them. Just taking them to a scrap yard feels like not the right thing to do. Is there ways that these can be reprocessed or recycled by companies or shops in the trade and if so, what is the value? Thx for any feedback.

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The value of used copperplates is determined by several factors: Who created the image, the artistic value of the image itself…. and the price of scrap copper.

IF your artist family member was a known printmaker, or the picture is particularly interesting, then they might have some artistic or historical value. You also might want to keep the plates for family reasons. Otherwise they are probably scrap copper.

Some artists / printers do use the back of old plates for new designs, but otherwise they are generally not reused.

Thx winking cat press for your reply. He was not a print maker, but the images created are beautiful. I guess we got some thinking to do.