where is serial number

I have a 10x15 Kluge/c&P and can not find the serial number. everypart has a number on it. I’m trying to find out how old this press is.
I think it should start with c or xc
please help

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If it’s a C&P the the Serial number is stamped into the upper left corner of the bed as you’re facing the press. You may need to clean away a bunch of dried up ink, etc to see it. It’s always possible that the bed was reground flat and that would have removed the SN

Thanks, I found the serial number…. however it does not fit in the information I found on the web.
serial #C6101, I couldn’t find any numbers that low on this web site:

any suggestions on finding an age for this press?

image: kluge.jpg


never mind :o) found a website and it says 1909-1910.