Is this the oiling point for the follower cam?

Arie described finding the oil hole for the follower cam on my C&P OS 8x12 this way: “Follower cam is inside the large gear; where it follows a cam race that makes the platen tip down as the press closes. There is a large hole in the side of the large gear where you can get access to the cam and its stud. The cam and stud are fixed in place on the rocker (the stud is threaded on one end and a nut affixes it in place on the rocker) and will appear in the hole when it is between the 3 and 4 o’clock positions. There is a hole in the surface of the cam to facilitate getting oil to the stud, but for some reason is is never facing up when I have an oil can in my hand.”

Do these two photos show the correct hole in the side of the large gear and the correct hole in the surface of the cam for oiling? If not, can someone please re-describe what I should be looking for? I want to make sure I’m getting it right.



image: gearhole.jpg


image: camoiling.jpg


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That’s it.

Yay! Thank you very much.

Now I’m confident I’m hitting them all.