calligraphy paper choice

Does anyone have any advice for paper choice when it comes to hand lettering? If one wants some kind of press impression, the paper choice for a card or invitiation is usually one such as Lettra with a high rag content, but most calligraphers prefer a smooth hot press envelope for addressing. How do you best reconcile this?


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Hi letterpress1- I calligraph envelopes for the majority of my clients and I typically use Lettra envelopes- they are actually very easy to address as long as you’re using a dip pen. I find no problem even calligraphing the 110# stock for escort/place cards- it takes the ink very nicely! I use gouache though, rather than the more watery calligraphy inks out there. While there are plenty of envelopes out there that will take a nice impression and work for calligraphy, I wouldn’t at all be afraid to use Lettra. One paper I do have trouble with, and it may not be the case with other calligraphers, is Teton- it prints nicely but to me it’s like writing on sand paper- very uneven.

Thank you!