setting up a paper mill

A printer / artists who is affiliated with my shop has started putting together a paper-making mill. He’s quite adept at these sort of things, having made paper for his own uses for years. His idea is to produce archival quality papers for letterpress and printmaking from recycled materials such as old clothes and so forth. I think this is a great thing…. since well-made paper is a joy to work with.

To help him in this process, I’d like to locate people who have made paper in semi-production quantities who might be willing to share their experience. AND possibly sources of used equipment…. specifically a Hollander Beater. Any experiences or information will be greatly appreciated.

I won’t be involved directly with his work, but since he’s a good friend and a first-class person, I’d like to help him out as much as possible.

Thanks in advance.

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I would recommend that he contact and visit Kathy and Howie Clark of Twinrocker Paper in Brookston, IN. Brookston is about midway between Chicago and Indianapolis. They’ve been doing it right for years. I’ve visited several times and always come away with new knowledge.

There is of course the Ruscombe Paper Mill in Margaux, France, run by an Englisman Christopher Bingham, who started off by making paper in the kitchen and who is now running a professional mill, producing the finest papers.

Thanks for those links- I’ll pass them on