Setting up my Adana 8x5?

Hello there,

Having spent several months ‘collecting’ an Adana plus type & accessories I’m ready to get up and running.

I’ve had some useful feedback here re. ink but wanted to ask if there were any well tried and tested steps in setting up an Adana.

I guess I’m asking what stages an experience user would go through if they’d had a press “dropped” on their doorsteps.

I’m just a bit concerned that I might end up spending too much time ‘meddling’ - and making things worse!

I had thought of setting up a chase with a letter in each corner so that I can check the evenness of the impressions.

I’ve read various comments here about packing and think I know what I need to do.

But any hints from those more experienced would be appreciated!

Many thanks,


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Don’t be afraid, put something in the chase, ink up the disk and give it a go. You tend to make adjustments based on how your form is printing so get going and then you will see what needs tweaking.

Hi Simon,

Your idea to set up a chase with a letter at each corner is a sound one. If you then slacken-off your four impression screws until they only just touch the back of the type bed, and then take a test impression but keep the handle down against its stops, whilst tightening the impression screws until all four letters just touch the paper. Continue making test impressions, adjusting each of the four screws slightly as necessary until all four corners print correctly.

I hope this helps,