Fritz Klinke 

NA Graphics

Letterpress supplies, rollers, tympan, furniture, quoins, Vandercook repair parts, supplies; Kelsey rollers and parts, Cowan Pressrom Products, Morgan Expansion Trucks, perforating and scoring rule, channel creasing matrix, ink, pressboard, books on letterpress, and a lot more.

We also make photopolymer plates and can take email files for conversion to film.

NA Graphics offers all of the current ATF type styles and sizes. Also available are sorts, lead rule, leads and slugsand decorative borders in 24” lengths. Free catalog. Current owner, Fritz Klinke, is a letterpress printer and has 45 years of experience.

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Have been dealing with this company for some years. Never had any problems. A great place to get your printers apron among many other things. Very helpful in person on the phone as well.