Gregory Ruffa 

The Art of Wood Type

The Art of Wood Type (NEW Book)

The Most Comprehensive Book written about Wood Type in the last 50 Years! 330 pages filled with the History of Alphabet, The Anatomy of the Letterform, How wood type was made.

Personal stories from Artists, Typographic designers, The new uses of wood type in printing from two University professors, the story of the world’s largest collector of wood type. Leo Kaplan, Grandfather of the wood type collage and Dave Greer. the largest collector of rare wood and metal type. Book reviews “U&lc” and “WESTVACO” select pages reprinted for your enlightenment and fun.

330 pg. Soft Cover Book.
220 pages of Wood Type Proofs & Photos.

Beautifully Printed Book
$50 +$5 S&H

Available Now
Not in Book Stores
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Would this book be purchased through Amazon or Barnes and Noble? I did a search and didn’t find any information.

Inky Lips Press
McKinney, Texas

The Art of Wood Type will not be sold in Book Stores, in order for the book to be sold at a lower price, it must be sold directly from the Publisher. For further information please to order the book please send an email.

This book has been crafted with care and love and each page is a treasure trove of delight, not just for wood type addicts but for anyone who loves beautiful items. The photography is stunning; the fonts displayed are in many cases unique and so many examples are fonts I had only ever dreamed of seeing! and the prints are exceptional. But the best is yet to come, the information is told in such an interesting way that it makes fascinating reading for everyone, printing orientated or ‘layman’……and what a wealth of information!! Everything about letterpress and printing that you have longed to know but never been able to find out.

The author, Greg Ruffa, is a charming man who takes considerable personal care with each order. Just receiving the parcel is a delight ….. take care to look at the paper that is used for the label!!!

Buy this book! It is a work of art!
In fact buy two, one to use everyday ( as I do since buying it) and one to treasure and show to friends!

The book even has a font called Arcadian and of course as eveyone knows me as d.arcadian that is of immense personal interest!!