Fonts Bernhard, DeRoos, Engravers, Parisian, Spartan

Leads and Slugs
1 lot - assorted sizes leads and slugs about 10 lbs each (email for photos) - $25.00(includes shipping)
Bernhard Gothic Medium ATF #525 (all three for $75 includes shipping)
6 pt 52A 97a ($30.00)
8 pt 51A 38a ($25.00)
10 pt 53A 39a ($25.00)
Bernhard Gothic Bold ATF #530
10 pt 25A (CAPS ONLY)($15.00)
Brush Script
14 pt 13A 25a ($25.00)
DeRoos Roman ATF (both $55 includes shipping)
6 pt 26A 48a ($25.00)
8 pt 43A 48a ($30.00)
Engravers Text
12 pt 22A 40a ($25.00)
24 pt 5A (CAPS ONLY)($15.00)
8 pt 20A (CAPS ONLY)($15.00)
Spartan Black ATF #683 (all three $75 includes shipping)
6 pt 19A 45a ($25.00)
8 pt 21A 41a ($25.00)
10 pt 22A 33a ($25.00)
The type is packed up and ready for shipping. All fonts are sorted and bagged per letter -NOT PIED. Each font* ships for $6.00 to the US, up to 4 fonts for $12.00. International inquiries welcome. Questions are welcome and photos are available of some items.

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