Adana 5 x 3 Manual


I have recently purchased an Adana 5x3. I am a complete novice at letterpress (a very keen one though). Is there any way I can get hold of a manual or otherwise can you recommend any books that might be of help?
I am very excited about getting started but also a bit worried that I have been a bit foolish in thinking I can learn from scratch!

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Caslon Limited still sells the manual for the 8 x 5 Adana and a booklet called ‘Type and Typesetting’, for £1.50 each. Check out the website of the British Printing Society or LetterpressAlive. See my reply two days ago concerning Adana’s. I run a course in Edinburgh.

That’s great, I may well be getting in touch about your course.
Thanks for replying, your information is really helpful!

I have copies of the instruction booklet for all Adanas and could send you one.

Don’t be embarrassed about starting from scratch with no knowledge, The Adana is very forgiving and since it is not powered cannot cause too much damage to your fingers.
If I knew where you were, I could suggest a source of instruction.

i’m a complete newbie and i looking for an instruction booklet to my new little adana 3x5. (sorry for my bad english, i’m french)

Anybody knows if it’s possible to get one booklet in pdf format ?


Hi ….
I am sorry to be a pain but I just purchased a Adana 5 x3 and I am so excited to get started and I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the manual that they can send me as I have never used one before
Thanks in advance

Several manuals can be downloaded on this site. Check out earlier postings as well.
With a bit of common sense you can print instantly on these presses.
And, as said before, Printing for Pleasure by John Ryder, is still available through St Bride’s in London. It contains useful information and instructions.

I am interested in purchasing an Adana tabletop letterpress. Does anyone know if there is an agent for Caslon Limited in Australia. I have emailed Caslon but no reply. I am an absolute novice and their website boasts the Adana as a user friendly machine for beginners. Alternatively is there anyone in Australia wanting to sell one, preferably with manual?
Cheers, Rose