CMC Imperial rollers - NA Graphics or Craftsmen?


I’m looking to buy new rollers for my 5 x 8 Craftsmen Imperial that I am restoring. I have cores that might be able to be restored and a set of trucks as well. Any feedback on the rollers/cores/trucks offered by NA Graphics in Colorado versus those offered by Craftsmen Machinery in Boston? There pricing is similar but I’m not sure from a quality standpoint which are better rollers/cores/trucks. Both offer synthetic rubber rollers I believe.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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I’ve used the NA Graphics rollers and trucks with good results for quite some time. The folks there are very good at offering information about trucks / cores / rollers for adapting rollers for various presses, too.

One thing I’d be careful of are vinyl rollers, if they are still offered. I’ve not had good luck with them in the past. Their synthetic rubber rollers have been excellent.