Purchasing a tabletop letterpress in Europe

Hi all,
I am looking to purchase a beginners tabletop press such as a Sigwalt, Golding or C&P Pilot….however, there is one big issue - I am located in Europe, in the Netherlands! It seems like many of the offers for letterpress require pickup (understandably). And I can’t find much info regarding letterpress in Europe, though I imagine there must be a letterpress community out here as well (I’m thinking France & Germany?!) Is Sigwalt German? I’m wondering if I can’t hunt one down in Germany.
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, would be much much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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I understand you’re based in the Netherlands. Get in touch with Drukwerk in de Marge and check out their website. Plenty to buy there. Presses, type, materials etc. There is a very lively letterpress community there. Look under ‘Vraag en aanbod’ for the latest items for sale. And not very expensive either.

Thank you so much, you’re the best!