Alessandro Zanella 

Ampersand Press

Hand-printed, limited edition books. Alessandro Zanella is the proprietor of one of Italy’s leading private presses. He worked with Gabriel Rummonds at the Plain Wrapper Press between 1976 and 1982. Zanella’s books were recently exhibited at the Universities of Washington, Oregon, San Francisco, Nevada, and Utah.
The Ampersand studio centers around an 1854 Stanhope handpress. Small workshops are given on an occasional basis; participants collectively produce a 12-page pamphlet that they handset and print on dampened handmade paper using the Stanhope.

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hi. i’d like to visit this studio while in italy… is there a website? or what is the address? ciao, anne

I’m the Alessandro sister and very sad to inform that on 13 July, in Crete, he suddenly passed away.
More info on his website on his profile, works and coming exhibitions. The site is still in progress so please connect from time to time in order to find out more.
His books are available on request.