Fair asking price for my press

I hope someone might be able to help me with this…I have a Curtis & Mitchell Columbian #3 that I would like to sell. I am having a difficult time figuring out a price for it. It looks exactly like the one in the musuem section—-including the green paint. It has a 6x9 chase & the rollers are a disaster. It has an historic break near the side spring that was fixed so well—-way back in the day—-that it went unnoticed for a while. I paid 400 for it 2 years ago & just never got around to fixing it up…needs some steel wool, oil & elbow grease. I know that tabletops are so very sought after right now & I would love to make some money on it. Any suggestions for cost? Ebay is offering one for $1700 which is stupid…I want to ask what’s fair. thanks.

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Can you post a photo? Is the press complete, Chase, Grippers, Feed and delivery tray, Roller trucks? Where are you located? Shipping would be a consideration.

Holley -The questions that platenpress asks are important in establishing the value of your press, and photos would certainly help a lot. You’ll also find more information in the Help section at Determining the value of a press.

Thanks to both of you…here are your answers…

The press is complete. Chase, grippers, feeder tray, roller trucks….check.

She needs a very thorough cleaning & the rollers are crazy old…need to be replaced.

I live in Denver & will not need to ship considering craigs list here always has a couple of people looking for a tabletop.

I will try to post a photo in the next couple of days. I have been working 12 hour days & I have not made the time. But it really looks just like the one on the museum pages except the feeder on mine is bigger.