Please help me move my letterpress

This is one of my pleas regarding my letterpress that I just bought. Is there anyone out there coming from up north on vacation to Florida or the south? My press (Kelsey 6x8) is in Pennsylvania (Pittsburgh area), and I have a huge fear that the press will not be shipped safely. I would even be willing to meet about halfway (I can drive to Georgia, South Carolina, etc.). It would just give me peace of mind knowing that my press is safe and sound. I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. I can compensate for the trouble. Thank you all and any suggestions would be great.

Stephanie :0)

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I recently used a shipper I found through Uship to move a Pilot from Florida to Vermont. He makes a run up and down the east coast every two weeks or so. He was really good about the press and everything arrived OK. You might consider finding someone that way.

Can you give me his contact information?

Check this site out:
Go to “community” then “hauling schedule.” I have used this service twice. It’s an inexpensive way to get something transported without dealing with boxing and the horrors of UPS.