Chandler & Price Paper Cutter - New Series

I have purchased a C&P paper cutter that will need to be shipped to me; however, the seller is telling me that it weighs 3000 lbs which makes the shipping cost $700+.
Although it is cast iron, I am trying to get a better idea of the weight of one of these beautiful cutters. I have no Model number, just the picture attached.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

image: Chandler & Price.jpg

Chandler & Price.jpg

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I have a similar question—what is the weight of a 30” C&P hand-powered cutter? Has anyone disassembled one?

The 1923 ATF Catalogue list the shipping weight of the 30” C&P cutter as 1551 lbs., so if yours is the same model I’d figure around 1400 lbs. uncrated.


i just got a chandler & price cutter i was wondering if u could tell me the year the serial# br1023

According to the C&P company’s serial number list you have a 23” lever-operated cutter that was manufactured in 1963. It takes a 3/8” thick knife.


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do you know how much its worth