thick letterpress paper

Hi, I looked for a post on this but didn’t find one. I apologize if this is a repeated question. Please point me to a prior post if existent.

I’m looking for very thick, 100% cotton stock that allows for a deep impression. Does anyone know where to buy paper in the below thicknesses? Color: white. I know there are some mills both in Europe and in the US that have those but don’t know which ones.

1-ply (300 gsm, .023”)
2-ply (600 gsm, .046”)


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The Cranes 220# Lettra is a good sheet.

Casey McGarr
Inky Lips Letterpress
McKinney, TX

Atlantic Paper carried a duplexed copperplate among a few others.

They are very nice and will send samples.

Thank you guys. I will follow your pointers.

yeah, i second Casey on the 220# lettra. it’s about as thick as it gets, prints nicely, comes in 3 colors, and there is a very comprehensive envelope selection available to match (in much lighter weight stock, of course).

other than lettra, what else do you recommend? has anyone tried rives? conqueror wove? (botrh are100% cotton) or canson paper?

I just received my crane lettra 220lb fluorescent white and it looks beautiful! The texture, the color, the thickness and the cotton — so far, I like it. All cut and ready for printing tomorrow. I can’t wait! The representative was also very helpful, sending me sample sheets. I also received samples from Atlantic Paper and Porridge Paper. All very beautiful too.

I’ve printed with BFK rives and I LOVED it. The texture is gorgeous and it receives the impression divinely (and I was working with pretty old type). But they don’t have anything thicker than 300gsm. I heard Canson might be too hard, specially in my case with old type.

try any watercolour paper that matches your envelopes, it comes in a variety of thicknesses and can be found with less texture than one might think

Does anyone have suggestions for paper thicker than the Crane Lettra 220# with color/characteristics similar to the fluorescent white? I love this paper but have an upcoming job that may require additional thickness.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.

I’m also looking for information on combining (duplexing is the word, I believe), two sheets together to achieve additional thickness. I’ll search the archives for this as well.


Gmund has a new range of cotton stock up to 900gsm, approx. 2mm thick. Comes in four colors (cream, light gray, light blue, power blue). Great stuff!!!

Nothing listed on their site above 430. What is the line of paper called?

Rising Museum Board comes in a polar white 4 ply (60pt) and 8-ply (120pt).

More info

Perfect. I’ll look forward to using Rising sometime soon. Thanks.