press time on a Miehle Vertical

I recently acquired a Miehle V-50 and, though I have plenty of experience with C&P and proof presses, I’ve never used a Miehle Vertical (or any other automatic feed press, for that matter). My press is in good working order, but I’d like to see one in action before I flip the switch on my own. What I am hoping for is a chance to observe someone using a MV and then maybe hopping in the “driver’s seat” for a while if they felt comfortable with that.

I don’t imagine that I would need more than a couple of hours of observation time, as I am just looking to get comfortable with the basic press operation. I realize there is a lot to learn and I don’t expect anyone to teach me every little trick - I enjoy discovering those things myself. But I just have a recurring nightmare that I’ll flip the switch and smash something important, because I just can’t “see” the press yet.

I am currently in San Francisco, but will be returning to Portland, Oregon soon. And then sometime next month I’ll be driving from Portland to South Dakota. If you are located anywhere on the west coast, from Monterey to Seattle, I’d be happy to accommodate your schedule. (Or anywhere between Oregon and South Dakota could work, too.)

Thanks so much,

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