rubber-based ink drying time

a very lazy question, but how long does it take for rubber-based ink to dry? (just a basic business card, no huge areas of ink, it’s raining too) i just printed my first run of cards for a friend and would like to get them sent off but certainly don’t want any ghosts on the backsides of the cards.

thanks for any feedback!

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I would wait until tomorrow to pack them up.

Since rubber-base ink dries mainly by absorption into the stock, drying time will vary greatly depending on what you’re printing it on, as well as how thick an ink layer you print. Certain coated or non-absorbent papers could take a month to “dry” and still be able to be smudged with a bit of effort; other papers will soak up the ink and dry nicely overnight or sometimes even in a few hours. If you need to cut those business cards, be sure to do a smear test, pressing hard, to be sure they’re dry before cutting — you don’t want the cutter pressure setting off the ink to the back. As Anna suggested, waiting until tomorrow is always a good idea, as most inks will dry fairly well overnight.

Dave (the Ink in Tubes guy)