Washout Polymer Plates

Been having trouble with alot of build up of polymer residue under the brushes in the washout bath. I have clean them with a high pressure hose but it will not get rid of all of it.
Is there any cleaning products that will help dissolve it.

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You can add 1 ltr of Vinegar with Water in washout tub to prevent residues sticks underneath bristles. It won’t affect the plate while washing.


You can clean the Brush with solvents like Butanol (NBA)or IPA.


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The best solution is prevention. Hose the bath out at the end of the work day. Never ever heat up a bath that has waste material in it. Keep the bath drained when not in use. Etc.

I’ve had to rehabilitate some machines that were quite gummed up with photopolymer waste and the best product I’ve found for loosening it off is Tilex. I started using it to control mold and mildew, which it eats up in a matter of seconds. Lysol will work as well but not quite as well, and it leaves a weird residue.


I agree. Keep it clean by the end of the day.