press identification help please

A hand-me-down from a friend, who got it for free from an artist who never used it. It was used by a greeting card company originally, and is apparently a stripped down version of its former self. I cannot seem to get the teeth to fit together in order for the carriage to run along the track. Also it is missing a handle that would screw into the side of the barrel for hand cranking. I would like to use it like a hand-crank proofing press if possible, and not necessarily try to restore it to its former glory!
Any ideas? There are no manufacture’s markings anywhere, except for some numbers.
Thanks in advance!

image: press_1.jpg


image: press_4.jpg


image: press_3.jpg


image: press_5.jpg


image: press_2.jpg


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Sanya, you have the cylinder and bead assembly to a miehle vertical.