The Changing Face of Letterpress

The Changing Face of Letterpress is an
exhibition of staff and student work from the
London College of Communication, seeking
to challenge the boundaries of Letterpress
within the current design climate whilst drawing
from the rich printing history of the college.
The exhibition explores the changing role of
Letterpress within design education, from a
typographical teaching tool to a medium that
is igniting process-driven work from students
within the School of Graphic Design.
Comparisons can be drawn between ephemera
from the London College of Printing Archive
and current work documenting the typefaces
held within the workshop. Students from
across all disciplines have referenced traditional
type specimen sheets within projects that
encompass outcomes as varied as illustration,
interactive design and moving image.
A lively programme of talks including guest
speakers Phil Baines and Catherine Dixon, and Alan Kitching and Celia Stothard will
accompany the exhibition.

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image: Talks E-Flyer.jpg

Talks E-Flyer.jpg