Ed Davis, owner 

Davis Press & Local Post

Ed Davis offers instruction in letterpress methods and hand set type composition.A printer and teacher of printing for 50 years all aspects of letterpress origins and history is covered along with hands on experience.A Pearl 7x11 a10x15 Chandler & Price a12x18 Golding and a 10x15 Heidelberg are all used as part of the instruction (not to mention offset.) 200 fonts of foundry type and wood type are also part of the course. Hand-set composition with a composing stick will also be covered along with lock-up. I also produce stamps for my local post which will be covered. These are in demand by stamp collectors. Printing on stamps of all countries will also be covered in this course. My son is a printing teacher thanks to me.

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1 comment about this listing

I am interested in knowing what “produce stamps for my local post” means.
I am not familiar with that aspect of letterpress printing.