Partial disassemble and move C&P 10x15 Colorado

I will be moving a New Style 10x15 soon and am looking for any guidance that the experts here might have on the best approach to partially disassembling this press so that it can be moved out of a basement.

I have attached pics of the press and the stairs that the press will go up. In the upper part of the stairs pic, there is a doorway that leads out to the garage.

So, my hope is to partially disassemble the press and use whatever approach that you recommend for moving each piece out of the basement, I am planning to have 3-4 guys to help.

I have rented a penske truck with a hydraulic lift and have read and understand the “build pallet and use pallet jack” approach, I’m just not sure the correct way to disassemble the necessary pieces and get them up the stairs.

The press is located in Lakewood, Colorado (near Denver). If anyone familiar with this press process is interested in assisting with this, it would be greatly appreciated. Please just name your price to help (food, beer, money, etc.).

Thanks for your time.


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You’ll need a come-along or some way of winching heavy pieces up the stairs. Is there a place at the top of the stairs to anchor a come-along? Horsing even a disassembled 10x15 up the stairs by hand is not for the faint-hearted or weak backed.

The photo series mentioned by Kevin gives the basic steps. Take off the feed tables, the inking assembly, the throw-off, the flywheel and drive wheel. If the closed press will then fit in the stairwell, then winch it up without further disassembly.

In the case more parts need to be taken off, removing the sidearms will allow the bed to be lowered onto a some lumber (it won’t lay down flat on the floor until you remove the rod it hinges on). Then driving out the hinge rod out lets the bed come off. After the bed it gets harder. The platen comes off the rocker easily, though it is awkward to lift out. Make sure all connections are taken off, including the gripper assembly on the left of the platen, before attempting to lift it off. Next comes the rocker. It tends to hang up a bit on the cam inside the large gear if that isn’t taken out first. The cam and its stud is fairly easy to take off and a bear to put back in. The rocker lock is also easy, but watch out for the spring; it’s under a lot of compression and can fly a long distance when you take the cotter pin out. Don’t stand in its way. The internal frame comes out fairly easily.

What you’re left with is the two side frames and the main shaft the rocker rotates on (along with the large gear and smaller rocker cam head). A very awkward package to move around. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten these apart. A large gear puller and heat *might* get either the rocker cam head or the large gear off, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Skids under the press and an improvised ramp of 2x10 will make things a lot easier.

Try to take as little off as you can and still get it up the stairs. if it will squeeze up without disassembly, that’s the way to do it.

As a matter of safety, don’t stand under it as it’s going up. Presses are top heavy when not much is taken off so take that in account when attaching straps or come-alongs. If at all make sure one of the friends helping you is experienced in moving heavy equipment. If none are, try to line up one of the experience printers in the Denver area to help.

I prefer low trailers to rental trucks to move these but have done it both ways.