Anyone know anything about this platemaker?

Hello All,

A friend of mine has acquired a Yositani & Co. Platemaker Model DX-A4. I’ve attached images below and am hoping that someone will know something about this piece of equipment. I’ve made polymer plates before but on a newer platemaker. This one has a lot of buttons and is in pretty crusty shape. I think the previous owner said it hadn’t been used for 5 years. The washout brushes and kreen need replacing — does anyone know where I can purchase these items? Boxcar maybe?


image: Yositani_01.jpg


image: Yositani_02.jpg


image: Yositani_03.jpg


image: Yositani_04.jpg


image: Yositani_05.jpg


image: Yositani_06.jpg


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The brushes in your machine look a lot like the brushes in our Jet machine.

You might want to contact Jet about buying new brushes and a kreen. The brushes will set you back a bit, but good brushes are important. Note that you will need to have the size measurements of the brush base before you call Jet. The brushes come undrilled, so you will need to plan on doing that yourself.

I don’t have the phone number handy, but I bet someone else might have it handy.

Hey Lily,

Did you have any progress with this machine? I’m considering purchasing a refurb of the same model.

It’s a commercial plate maker. It’s used for making metal backed polymer plates. You can get supplies for it at Boxcar is a boutique platemaking service, and I don’t think platemaker equipment restoration is their thing.

I think I bought that very machine. It works well.

The exposure timer was broken, and the microswitch that controls the washout motor was worn out. I replaced the microswitch and I use a digital kitchen timer for the exposure.

It takes 15” T8 bulbs which are easy to get.

I just ordered a digital timer control from Ebay, which I hope to install in the machine to control the exposure time more easily.