New to Letterpress - List of items to get started?

Hello, I am currently in search of my first press and I am wondering if there is a list out there for beginners with everything we would need to get started printing.

I realize the press but I hear other words tossed around like chase, quoins, key, furniture, gauge pins, composing stick, tympan, packing, ect.

These are just a few. I just ordered a few books that were recommended in another newbie post but I am wondering if you all have something put together that is truly a thorough list of what is needed to be ready to make your first print!

Thank you all for your time,
Brandi Powell

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Never mind - I found a site that had all of this information - sorry. I have no idea how to delete this post but thanks!

I can help you. Been in letterpress a lifetime (now retired)
and help beginners get started. Email for my list and I will
send info you need.

I would also be interested in a list of beginner items.

You could contact Brandi directly and have her point you to the place she found this information…

You could type “letterpress beginner” in a Goggle search and get enough hits to answer all your questions. I just did.

Try “Getting started” in the Printer’s Yellow Pages at .

Hello - here are the links to the websites that I found that were very helpful for me:

and of course I just searched the forum here for whatever item I needed more information on!

Hope these help!