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Hi all. I am in the process of ordering (saving) for a Boxcar Base, a Deep Relief Base, to use on an Adana 8x5. I know this means I have to use the KL152 thickness plates as recommended, but what I can’t find is a spec for the thickness of these plates, that added to the base makes ‘type high’.

Reason I ask is that I am trying to source a local platemaker in New Zealand to make the polymers for me, and I want to have the right info at hand. I know Boxcar are clearly the gurus here, but if there is any way I can source plates without contributing to FedEx’s or DHL’s annual profits, I’d be happy. I just could not see this ‘number’ anywhere easily on the Boxcar site.

Any help appreciated.

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I believe the deep relief plates are 0.060 inches. Standard plates are 0.038 inches. Boxcar Deep Relief base is 0.858 inches.

Thanks, daremo1971

Actually the correct measurement for the Deep Relief Boxcar Base is 0.853 to allow for film adhesive and manufacturing tolerances.

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